Steve May

class description:

bodywork exchange, pop-jams aerobic warmup, and then some mosh pits. also singing, probably. we will open the chakra highway and call upon the shakti to unite with the sacred vibrations of the gnar. the kundalini energy, through the divine practice of thrash dancing and mosh pits, will awaken to achieve ultimate supreme peace in the universe.


steve may is a musician, dance and performance artist as well as an avid knitter and craftsperson. they have created work with tess dworman, caitlin marz, kyli kleven, and tatyana tenenbaum. they have performed with ishmael houston jones, jennifer monson, tere o’connor, jennifer allen and deke weaver, and modelled for knitwear designer stephen west. their band gnar, is going to play a show soon. look for their first collection of knitting patterns this fall, probably. also contact them for guitar and music lessons through the greenpoint reformed church music school. cheers.