Sarah A.O. Rosner


Tuesdays 6-9pm
April 3 - 24 (NO CLASS 4/17)
The Woods Co-operative

:::::Radical Business (for Radical Artists) Workshop:::::
Radical Business centers on the belief that the way we participate in the arts economy (conscious or not) dramatically shapes its composition, and therefore, if done with intention, is a deeply artistic and radical act. This workshop will bring participants together in a room to attempt to unlearn assumed “best practices” and start to think for themselves and each other, focusing on inventing new systems, engineering sustainability, and beginning to shape personal business practices that holistically intertwine with the creative work at hand.

How can we be as experimental with our business as we are with our art? How does our art engage with capitalism? Is sustainability possible? What about profit? What can being in our bodies with each other teach us about what our business models want to be? Bring your brains, bodies, pens, paper, internet, etc. and let’s find out.


Sarah A.O. Rosner is the founder of A.O.3 (the A.O. Entity), a three-part platform uniting the A.O. Movement Collective, freelancing collective A.O. PRO(+ductions), and the Urgent Artist blog. A.O.3 represents a new model for dancemaking by holistically supporting all components (makers, audience, critics, funders, etc) of the dance ecosystem.
Rosner founded the A.O. Movement Collective in 2006, and has been at their helm creating Anti-Ephemeral PoMo Humanist discourse and works ever since, presenting work at the RAW festival, THROW, Open Perform, WAXworks, Green Space, AUNTS, Dance Place (DC), the LaGuardia Performing Arts Center and most recently, Joyce SoHo. In 2009 Rosner founded A.O. PRO(+ductions), a freelancing collective dedicated working with emerging artists to create innovative business and sustainable practices, and freelances in design, media, and consulting for a wide range of clients including Faye Drsicoll, Anneke Hansen, and Cori Olinghouse.
Outside of A.O.3, Rosner has performed with Ashley Byler and Enrico Wey, and was recently one of the researchers on Danspace Platform’s The Adventure, curated by Trajal Harrell. She currently works at New York Live Arts as the Manager Engagement, and has served as a panelist for Dance NYC’s Mid Season Symposium and the Field’s ERPA NxGn Project. She loves to yell about art.

A.O. PRO(+ductions) is a freelancing collective dedicated to providing low-cost and barter-system management, consulting, media, and design, to emerging artists. Founded by Sarah A.O. Rosner in early 2009, PRO is one third of the A.O. Movement Collective’s three-entity-family that represents a new business model for American dancemaking.
PRO’s team of freelancers are dedicated not only to providing clients with low-cost/high-quality work, but to nurturing a growing business savy within the community, engineering change through sustainable working practices, and creating products/systems that are as artful, radical, and resourceful as the art they support. PRO is dedicated to supporting innovation in the arts, the creation of arts economies, and sustainable dancemaking, with livable wages and better business for all.
To learn more about A.O. PRO(+ductions) and meet the current PROs, visit our website at
PRO’s featured Office Hours Freelancers include: Sarah A.O. Rosner (general admin, consulting, marketing, freelancing), Lillie De (production), Becca Cardwell (general admin, development and fundraising), and Emily Sharp (website and blog design/construction).