Samita Sinha

**Subbing for Larissa Velez-Jackson on Friday, June 7th from 12:30-2:30pm**

Body Sound

This class will focus on embodying the voice. We will use the voice to explore our internal movements and blocks, and locate tones in specific regions of the body. We will improvise vocally through the body, connecting tone to raw utterance, and our body-sound to the space around us, becoming conduits for vibration. The class will reflect Sinha's practice of combining experimentation with the Indian vocal tradition to create new forms and practices.


Vocal artist and composer Samita Sinha combines tradition with raw, visceral energy and experimentation to create new forms, drawing from a deep grounding in North Indian classical music, a contemporary vocabulary, folk and ritual music, and songs and texts in several languages. She is currently creating CIPHER, a solo performance that explores her practice of “body-sound”—an investigation of voice that unites language, gesture and space into potent articulations, from raw utterance to speech to song. For more information visit and Mapp International