Nicole Daunic



MARCH Tuesdays
6th at Chez Bushwick
20th at Greenspan

APRIL Tuesdays
3rd at Chez Bushwick
17th at Greenspan

MAY Wednesdays
2nd at BRAZIL
16th at Greenspan

JUNE Wednesdays
6th at BRAZIL
20th at Chez Bushwick

:::::Scores for Uncertain Times:::::
"The ethical value of an action is what it brings out in the situation,
for its transformation, how it breaks sociality open. Ethics is about
how we inhabit uncertainty, together." -Brian Massumi

Framed by an investigation of the score as an enabling set of constraints, instructions, prompts or dares; we will use this workshop to research and explore some practical and strategic methods in dance that foster open experimentation within unfamiliar, uncertain, disorienting or impossible circumstances. It might become an awkward, ridiculous, brutal, even euphoric ritual we try together. We will divide our time analyzing and carrying out a selection of scores gathered from artists spanning the past 50 years, devising and practicing those of our own invention, reading short related texts, as well as documenting and questioning the process. In these uncertain times of displacement, revolution, corruption, etc., etc., perhaps dance is a uniquely positioned point of inquiry through which to investigate the kinds of corporeal, relational, creative, and ethical potentials that can be harnessed collectively within and through instability. Mostly this practice will consist of an attunement to the barely perceptible, micrological shifts in experience, which nonetheless change everything.


Nicole Daunic is a Ph.D. candidate in NYU's Department of Performance Studies where she is currently writing her dissertation, tentatively titled "Choreographing the Sensible: The Politics of Affect, Movement, and Sense in U.S. Dance after 1950," under the advisement of Prof. André Lepecki. As a dance artist her inquiry centers around inducing small catastrophes in perception and sensation that suggest a moreness to experience.