Molly Lieber & Eleanor Smith

Sunday, Feb 2nd: 1-4pm

Each piece that we make is a choreographic collaboration between the two of us and we are always the only performers. The texture of our work comes from making decisions together; it emits a tension and pliability that results from being extracted and configured between two different minds. Our process of making dances begins with, and is sustained by, improvisation. We have been improvising together for the last six years. We find moments we value when improvising, cultivate these moments into performative expressions, and then (try to) perform them. The goal of this workshop is to further understand the collaborative improvisational approaches we have been working on by sharing them with others. These approaches are at once highly imaginative, and simply about being with one another while considering an audience. We will spend the workshop time improvising together and watching each other, and talking about it. We would love to have you there.

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Photo by Ian Douglass

Molly Lieber and Eleanor Smith have been collaborating since 2006. Their full works have been presented by Roulette (Tulip, 2013), The Chocolate Factory Theater (Beautiful Bone, 2012), and The Tank (Blanket, 2009) Excepts of these works were shown through the Judson Now Platform at Danspace Project, CATCH, Fridays at Noon at 92Y, LaMaMa Moves, Movement Research at Judson Church, Performance Mix, Rooftop Dance, and Triskelion Arts. The collaborators were nominated in 2013 for a Bessie Award for Outstanding Emerging Choreographer. Their next work will premiere in Spring 2015 through PS122.