Maximilian Balduzzi

Class Description:

I offer a precise, rigorous, and passionate approach to training the body and voice. Based on essential principles of impulse, control, opposition and rhythm, this training allows participants to become more deeply connected to their own intuitions and impulses and better able to respond to them truthfully, fearlessly, and joyfully. Through this work, we are freed from the constraints of habit and reconnected with the self, which in turn allows us to connect with others in the moment.

The workshop engages participants through a series of exercises developed over the past fifteen years. These physical and vocal actions function like a language to enable communication between the participants. Through tireless dedication we search for the honest smile, the genuine cry, and the peace-filled stillness that comes from being in the moment. We work to release unnecessary tension and give the body its freedom.


Maximilian is a LEIMAY-CAVE Black Studio Resident (2012-2013) in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. He is currently working with Helga Davis on a project called Cassandra that was recently shown at the Park Avenue Armory. With Ben Spatz and Urban Research Theater, Maximilian created and performed in playwar (Abrons Arts Center 2012; Medicine Show Theatre 2010; Movement Research Festival 2010) and directed Theatricale (Lincoln Center Atrium 2011; The Living Theatre 2011). Other recent performances include Arturo Vidich’s Body island(Abrons Arts Center 2011), James Scruggs’s Tickets to manhood (“Hot!” Festival at Dixon Place 2011). Maximilian has taught workshops and master classes at Lincoln Center, Emerson College, Brooklyn College, The College of Staten Island, LEIMAY-CAVE, and Actors Movement Studio and he's currently teaching a weekly workshop at CAVE. (

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