Mandy Hackman


Mondays 11AM-1PM
May 7th-June 25th
Chez Bushwick

This is a class about other people. We will explore different ways of dancing with / using other bodies. We will use other peoples' bodies to increase our own balance and strength, and then move into creating communal forms by using group-created rhythms and social dance as a keys-in: How can we accelerate the process of making a dance language like swing or tango? Could we make up social dances that have a life outside of class? We'll start there and decide together where it goes.


Mandy hails from Pittsburgh, PA, where she learned to dangle her feet over the water. Mandy is rehearsal director and dancer with Sinecdoche Dance. She works on her own dance/art projects as a founding collaborator of The Movement Farm. Her current art project is Tree Project, a series of improvised tree-climbing music-making picnic events. She teaches aerial silks, Pilates, and Reiki.