Maggie Bennett

The Task and Function of Self-objectification:

As a performative body being viewed, how am i working with my own gaze to cue the way others view me? Can we contextualize our body with our own gaze? i think so. when does gaze become/create a space?

Gaze is political, and it is related to the history of western aesthetics of form. this workshop is about deconstructing and transcending form, via manipulation of the gaze.

this class will include installation and engagement with materials beyond the body.


Maggie Bennett is a multi-media body-based artist, working primarily with performance installation and cross-disciplinary collaboration. Collaborations with Liliana Dirks-Goodman, FACADE/FASAD, Chris Cogburn, Jennifer Monson and Bryan Eubanks have had significant impact on her artistic practice. Other residences include The New Museum (NYC), Location One (NYC), FACADE/FASAD (Brooklyn), Pieter psad (L.A.), The Broken Neck (Austin, TX), and Ritual and Research (Worthington, MA). Bennett will be attending Yale University in the fall for an MFA in Sculpture.

maggie bennett