Lorene Bouboushian

Thurs, Feb 5 from 11-1:30pm at the New Museum

In any class that I teach, my main interest is creating a temporary sense of community, often out of cross-sections of people who would never have an interest in each other. There is a kind of impurity in this—maybe I’m mixing oil and water, and never the twain shall meet. Or maybe I’m trying to mix ketchup and store-bought brownie mix. There’s sweetener in both, but they don’t belong together. But maybe they could taste really good, in a nasty kind of way.

To this end, my classes have garnered the participation of two babies, a theoretical musicologist and performance maker, a performance artist/sculptor/filmmaker, a street performer, a theater improviser from Australia, and a poet from Juarez.

This is a laboratory for those interested in exploration of sound, the voice, movement, light, and objects. We will engage with sound as vibration, light as heat, and the body and objects as visceral textures, all to be mixed and manipulated. Beginning with somatic visualizations and exercises as an entry point, we will move into creating an alternate world in the class itself. The room will be sprinkled with microphones, amps, different colored clip lights, various objects, and our bodies. Through creating and experiencing the environment, we will dilate and dwell in a blender of thoughts, feelings, and physical sensation. I invite students and performers of all stripes to take this on.
Matthew Gantt, experimental musician, will provide an interactive, installation-style aural environment with samplers, mics, objects, and kindness.

See video of my last CCC at www.lorenebouboushian.com/about/teaching

Photo: video still from Ying Liu, film oft r a n s f e r p o i n t [Kaia Gilje, Valerie Kuehne, Lorene Bouboushian

Lorene Bouboushian is a choreographer, vocalizer, and performance artist originally from rural Texas. She is thrilled to be back at CCC for a third go! Fascinated by the grotesque, the absurd, and the intimate, she utilizes "self-exposure and vulnerability in real, risky ways" [CultureBot, 2011]. She has shared work at Dixon Place, Danspace Project, JACK, Panoply Performance Lab, Outpost Artist Resources, and Grace Exhibition Space, as well as New York Live Arts as a Fresh Tracks Artist-In-Residence. She has also worked as a performer with Melinda Ring, Bruno Isakovic, luciana achugar, Lindsey Drury, Panoply Performance Lab, Daria Fain, and Kathy Westwater.

In addition to her work with CCC, she has offered classes independently, through the Woods Cooperative, and at Universidad de las Americas Puebla. As an arts enrichment teacher for NYC K-12 students, she has worked through social services organizations (CAMBA, Good Shepherd), Wingspan Arts, DreamYard, and Abrons Art Center. Primarily teaching in the fields of dance/creative movement, somatics, and improv theater, her teaching philosophy is grounded in interactive games and prompts that foment self expression in a supportive environment, as well as interest in folk forms of the US, Mexico, Ghana, and Guinea.

Lorene Bouboushian

HERE I AM?! [an inner/outer, inside/outdoors class]

My class is about the schism between
“here I am [with my organs/blood/bones]”, “here I am [with my insecurities, insights, interests]” and “here I am [with the limited things you see of me].”

I enjoy utilizing imaginative visualizations of the body, as well as ideas grounded in my memory of Qi Gong, to open our bodies up through voice and movement.

Then BOOM!--We are improvising: making choices, relationships, and judgments all at once.

That “?!?!?” moment that occurs when our hidden, comfortable, and even somatically filled bodies suddenly have to “perform” is my linchpin.

We will navigate the surprising terrain of ourselves in relation to each other by “performing for” then immediately switching to “being with” each other, telling stories with our voices resonating in our kidneys, and re-performing ourselves and each other. Can we be “embodied” even as we ridicule ourselves, or talk about the shirt we got on sale at Beacon's?

We will open ourselves til we are disintegrated balls of confusion in hopes of hinting at integration of our personalities, performances, and vocalizing/moving bodies.

We will also work outside, so bring proper clothing for that. We will utilize the concept of "Derive," or free wandering on aesthetic impulse," as a basis for encountering the site, the humans, and each other. This will open up our possibilities for action and response. Babies welcome.

I am a performer, teacher, and performance-maker. My interests include music that makes me tick, sounding and rhythm, intimacy and shock, absurdity and humor, and what it means to perform our silly, paltry, emotional selves, and perform others. These have led me to create solo works presented at the Judson Church, Ulla’s House, AUNTS, West End Theater, as well as New York Live Arts as a Fresh Tracks Artist. More recently, I have become more interested in improvisation that suggests comedy and vaudevillian traditions while experimentally challenging what performance is. This has led to performances at Panoply Performance Lab, Vaudeville Park, Grace Exhibition Space, Bizarre, the Delancey, and Muchmore’s. All of my work has been informed by my experiences as a performer with Kathy Westwater, Daria Fain, and Lindsey Drury, and my work as a teacher. See more at www.lorenebouboushian.com or “Lorene Bouboushian” on Vimeo.

Lorene Bouboushian