Lillie DeArmon


Thursdays 12PM-2PM
May 3rd-June 7th
Gibney Dance Center

Creative Movement with Lillie De

My class will be based on individual movement - generated through improvisation, scores, problem solving, text and other sources. We will explore personal movement preferences and gently push beyond them. Some classes will focus on intentional movement making (choreography) others will involve more spontaneous action. No training required to attend. Participants are encouraged to bring any sources of inspiration or questions they are interested in addressing.


Lillian DeArmon (Lillie De) studied with the Liz Lerman Dance Exchange from 1998-2005 where she created collaborative works with the "teen exchange" and company members. Lillie choreographed and directed dance works and concerts in highs school and college. Since 2008 she has been dancing for Sarah Rosner and acting as company manager for the A.O. Movement Collective. When invited, Lillie also dances for Saifan Shmerer and CJ Holm.
Though performing and investigating movement are priorities, Lillie is equally driven by her freelance work as production manager for Yvonne Rainer, Performa and others. Lillie likes to tell people what to do, but would not consider herself a teacher. She would like to thank CLASSCLASSCLASS for the opportunity to explore the act of teaching.