Laurel Snyder

Weds, January 28 from 2:30-5pm at the New Museum

"Who is this Body?" is a movement experience that is open to movers of all ages and experience levels. This class strives to create an inspiring, supportive environment in which students feel comfortable and free to take risks within and outside of their bodies. We will take a playful, hands-on approach to understanding our structures, heightening our awareness of ourselves and how we navigate through space. I encourage movers to discover or redefine their movement potential and identity through exercises that emphasize correct alignment, softness into the floor, articulation, energetic efficiency and ease. We will work with touch, breath, voice and imagination to inspire curiosity and creativity that will hopefully stay with us as we leave the studio and re-enter the world around us.

Photo by Quinn Batson

Laurel Snyder, originally from Northern Virginia, has been a mover and shaker her whole life. She received the majority of her physical training at NYU Tisch Dance and various dance festival throughout the USA and Europe. Professionally, Laurel has had the privilege to collaborate/perform with artists such as Kendra Portier/BANDportier, Tatyana Tenenbaum, Paul Singh, Jacob Slominski, Kathleen Hermesdorf, Risa Jaroslow, Faye Driscoll, David Dorfman and the Metropolitan Opera. Her choreography has been presented by spaces such as the Tank, H.T. Chen's Newsteps series, Triskelion Arts, White Wave, Greenspace, Center for Performance Research (CPR) and Chez Bushwick. When Laurel isn't performing, creating or teaching, she spends her days playing music and exploring her new found love for songwriting!