Kirstan Clifford


Tuesdays & Thursdays 6PM-8PM
March 6th-April 24th

This class will focus on the anatomy of the human body as if it is surrounded by the element of water. Visualization practices will be used within warm-ups, strengthening exercises and improvisation scores to, 1. Experiment with the nature of bones, with their solid outsides and porous and spongy insides, as protective unions that soak up forces of gravity, thereby producing stabilized states of momentum 2. Tap into the intercellular and extracellular water contents of the body, as a means to gain knowledge of the body’s energy flows.

How do these aspects create the feeling of and act of suspension that one normally associates to being submerged in water? Class will also dive deep into the grand systems of the breath, with isolations of anatomical parts to strengthen the muscles that support the function of one’s structure and, perhaps, the organs such as the heart and lungs.

This class will be grounded in a unique belief about the body—that the fulcrum for all movement radiates from the entire anatomy of the torso, not simply from the viscera—and is dedicated to investigating the body with its energy and force as a spiral ornament. How can a helix expand its directions of energies out past itself?

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Originally from Texas, Kirstan received her B.A. from Sarah Lawrence College. She is active with teaching, influenced by functional anatomy and swim techniques. Together with Jeremy Pheiffer, Laurel Atwell and Naomi Fall she founded JerKiLaNa, a collaborative, dance-making group (SITE Fest, DNA’s WIP, self-produced at BARN, The FAB Festival & Block Party, CONFLUX). She danced as a yearlong member for The A.O. Movement Collective (A.U.N.T.S., La MaMa Moves! Dance Festival). This fall, Kirstan completed her site-specific solo, dirty dog waltz no. 43, with visual artist Emily P. Dunne and dancer/choreographer Laurel Atwell. Her work-in-progress trio (Movement Research's Open Performance) will premiere in its finality this summer.