Katy Pyle

“Basement Ballez for Liberation”

In this exploratory class, dancers with a history of ballet training are invited to get down and open the dusty boxes of gendered movements, idealized bodies, and opressive hierarchies we packed into our bodies as young people. This class is an opportunity for dancers to look more closely at those movements, and to do battle with the various demons that haunt them. This is a ballet class and an exorcism.
We'll begin with authentic movement to get in touch with our emotional bodies, and then work up to barre and center exercises, all the while maintaining a mindfulness as to what comes up. We'll pause for discussion and consideration before diving back in to deeper layers. Some of these demons are awfully fun to play with, so we'll inhabit these characters and dance together as a way of really getting to know what's lurking within.


Katy Pyle believes that the only way out is through. She is a multimedia performance artist as well as a practitioner of reiki, yoga therapy, and mindfulness practice. Her current work on the first ever Ballez, The Firebird, has led her to uncover many demons within her body. She is a collaborative creator, most recently with Young Jean Lee Theater Company, with whom she is touring the Untitled Feminist Show. She founded dance bands asubtout, Dirty Power, and JERK, and has performed with/for Ivy Baldwin, Faye Driscoll, John Jasperse, Jennifer Monson, Karinne Keithley, Anna Sperber, and Katie Workum, among others.