Justine Lynch

Tuesdays, 12-2pm, April 5 - May 3 at CPR

This class will aim to amplify focus and find paradox in order to free the inner "skywalker", the potency of dancer. It has something to do with dancer as arrow...with the question, ""what target?" Focus will be on the range and articulation of the material body making a relationship to the engaged energy body.Through working with the Taoist tenant of ""no formula"", this class is specifically for clarifying the intricacy and potential of our dancing body and the way consciousness can afford leaps on both levels of body and quality. It is open to all levels of people wishing to increase their mastery as practitioners of dance. "


Justine Lynch has been participating in the dance world since the mid seventies, age 7. A native NewYorker, she attended High School of The Performing Arts and graduated from SUNY Purchase. She began dancing professionally with Neill Greenberg while still at Purchase College. At this time she began a study of Klein Technique that lasted over ten years, broadening her very individual approach to movement. Since then she has worked with a small variety of terrific choreographers; Sara Rudner, Jennifer Monson, Paige Martin, Caitlin Cook, Meg Wolfe, Roseanne Spradlin etc....She was a seminal company member of Dance by Neil Greenberg from 1991-2006. Her work has been presented in a variety of spaces lofts, galleries and clubs as well as at Dixon place, PS 122, The Performing Garage and Movement Research at Judson Memorial Church. . Her recent “treatment”, Middle of Man was presented by The Kitchen in April of 2009. Since then she has brought “treatments” to monkeytown in July 2009 and Aunts Roadshow in December 2009. Justine Lynch holds a Masters degree in Five Element Acupuncture and she is also a Certified Zero Balancer.

Justine Lynch has taught Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine at Empire State College in New York and at the Academy for Five Element Acupuncture in Florida. She has created workshops in Movement Alchemy, essential movement combining Five Elements and dance at the Traditional Acupuncture Institute in MD and at Dancespace Center (now DNA) in New York. This Fall Justine pioneered the work she is calling Somatic Alchemy, teaching classes that are treatments for the whole via the amplification/invocation of the acupuncture points.