Ethan Cowan

Sunday, Feb 1 from 1-5pm at New Museum
Note: This has been re-scheduled from Weds, Jan 28th


F*Yoga is not exercise. No sweating.
F*Yoga has no postures. Posing is for posers.
F*Yoga is radically subtle pleasure and satisfaction.
F*Yoga increases choices and decreases compulsions.
F*Yoga undoes struggle and strain.
F*Yoga wants flexible brains. Brains like babies.

In this introduction to F*Yoga, students will learn three slow choreographies that use simple actions to give each student many many many opportunities to sort out their own muscular confusions. No one will have to worry about doing anything correctly, but instead everyone will focus on finding the feelings of what they want. Within the scaffolds of F*Yoga, deep desires get updated as body images are clarified.


Ethan Cowan is an F*Yoga *facilitator based in Boulder, Colorado. His movement studies are focused on the work of Moshe Feldenkrais and his seminal American students.