Emily Smith & Alex Romania

Feb 4, 5, 6 Tues, Weds & Thurs 10:30am-12:30pm

Dance drawings and draw dancing in this synergistic and multidisciplinary class. Through fusing the practices of figure drawing and improvisational dance, we will unpack the figure and how it exists through time and space, by creating physical scores and compositions attentive to recording and experiencing anatomy in motion. We will engage in a daily practice of feeling the body, seeing the body, drawing the body, and responding to our drawings as movement scores. By integrating and transposing techniques to draw and dance, we will forge a daily practice of improvising on the page and from the page. Together, we will develop a vocabulary to describe our work, leaving room for unexpected responses to lead new paths of inquiry, creating a truly interdisciplinary practice through collaborative investigation.

Drawing boards, paper, and charcoal will be provided. Feel free to bring you own prefered materials. No previous visual arts or dance training required. All levels welcome.

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Emily Smith is a dancer, choreographer, and artist. She received her BFA from Alfred University, where she majored in Fine Arts and minored in Biology and Dance. She co-founded the Six and Four Articulations Contemporary dance touring company, which gave dancers and non-dancers space to make and show work nationally. She was also a member of Layla Mrozowski’s eco-friendly “BAAD” Bicycle Awesome Adventure Dance tour. She has recently formed a collective named NOT for reTAIL with Laura Smith. She has participated in works by Steve Paxton at the MOMA, and Ryan McNamara’s ME?M: A Story Ballet About The Internet at Performa. She creates sculptures under the name “NOT for reTAIL”, is currently working on a new piece “Skidding Abodes”. She creates Kinetic Sculptures and performance atmospheres. These pieces of visual sculpture are animated and completed through the movement of a dancers, whos' figure is in some way an integral part of the structure of the sculpture. Emily’s website cargocollective.com/emilysmith-herebethere

Alex Romania is a multidisciplinary maker and performer currently living in Brooklyn who creates dance, theater, visual art, installation, video art and blends of them all. Recent work has been presented by Glasshouse gallery in Williamsburg. Alex has performed in works by Steve Paxton, Simone Forti, De Facto Dance, Ishmael Houston Jones, has studied with artists Genesis Breyer P-Orridge, Keith Hennessey, Headlong, Karen Finley, and currently dances for choreographer Kathy Westwater; Alex considers these artists, amongst others, to be influential of both their teaching and creative practice. Alex has previously taught workshops at the Texas Dance Improvisation Festival, and received support from residencies at SPACE on Ryder Farm in Brewster NY and Old Furnace Artist Residency in Harrisonburg Virginia. Alex looks forward to sharing two evenings of performance in process this April at Glasshouse Gallery.