Colin B. Stilwell

Thurs, Feb 12 from 11-1:30pm
at the New Museum

Class Description

Class will focus on releasing our joints, to expand and to be compact, thereby developing a precise yet fluid body where energy, momentum and weight, guides movement. We will warm up our bodies through a series of somatic exercises that transition from the floor to standing, to then move across the floor, leading us into phrase work. We will work with thrust and counter thrust, connecting a relationship between the lower and upper body. Thereby increasing clarity in the feet, ankles, and legs, and, ease in the spine, shoulder girdle and arms.

Proprioception is when the brain tells us where the body is in space. Class will investigate this neurological occurrence.


Colin Stilwell is a native of San Francisco, CA. In 1997 he set out to further his exploration in modern dance at SUNY Purchase, where he received his BFA in Dance. Since then he has danced with RoseAnne Spradlin and Neil Greenberg. He has also worked with, Netta Yerushalmy, Jon Kinzel, robbinschilds and Sarah White-Ayon. Colin collaborated with German performance artist John Bock, at the Anton Kern Gallery and The Watermill Center, NY. He's worked with playright, director and multi-media artist John Jesurun in Shadowlands and the Delusion of the Fury. He has worked with Doug Varone in the Metropolitan Opera's productions of Les Troyens, and Le Sacre du Printemps, and in the Minnesota Opera's Faust. Colin was a company member with Doug Varone and Dancers (2011-2013).

Colin has taught master classes/workshops at Princeton University, Skidmore College, University at Buffalo, and ClassClassClass. He's taught at Trevor Day School (High School), Harkness Dance Center, 92 St Y and at the Doug Varone and Dancers Summer and Winter Intensives. He currently is an Adjunct Assistant Professor at Hofstra University.