Chris Peck

Sundays, May 15 & 22, 1-4pm at Brazil

We will explore approaches to making music and dance simultaneously. This will include discussion of historical and cross-cultural as well as contemporary experimental examples of self-accompaniment (videos, scores, theoretical positions). Practical exercises will stimulate use and misuse old and new technologies. We will also do some singing.

In addition to bodies and voices bring computers, microphones, speakers, instruments, or other sound-producing objects if you have them (but no particular skills or equipment are required).

Come for one Sunday or both.


Chris Peck is a composer whose dancing has been described as “awkwardly beautiful” by the New York Times. His music (for various configurations of electronics, trained/untrained performers, and audience participation) has been described as “percussive sludge…loud enough to pulverize your fillings” (The DanceView Times), “soft steady-state sound” (John Rockwell), “intermittent” (The Wall Street Journal), and “a crowded aviary of shrieking electric-throated harpies” (Signal to Noise). Recent projects include collaborations with Brussels-based choreographer Eleanor Bauer and Illinois-based performance artist/storyteller Deke Weaver. He has worked with many choreographers including John Jasperse, David Dorfman, RoseAnne Spradlin, Beth Gill, and Milka Djordjevich. He is currently pursuing a PhD in composition at the University of Virginia.

Chris' workshop "Singing Together" as part of CLASSCLASSCLASS 2010:

     photo by Julieta Cervantes