Chase Granoff


Chase Granoff is a Brooklyn based dance artist. He has worked as a dancer with many choreographers including RoseAnne Spradlin, Jeremy Wade, Beth Gill and Daria Faïn. His choreography has been presented throughout NYC and has toured to Limerick, Berlin and Prague. He has collaborated extensively with Jon Moniaci. Chase co-curated Live Sh-- at the Chocolate Factory with Chris Peck from 2005 to 2008. He is a member of heart the band with Eleanor Bauer, Gill, Moniaci and Peck. He initiated and curates Lobby TALKS at Dance Theater Workshop. Chase recently published and co-edited a publication with Jenn Joy in conjunction with his most recent performance, The Art of Making Dances. Other recent projects include teaching at Daghdha in Limerick, Ireland and curating the performance event ROLLING also at Daghdha.