Biba Bell

Saturday April 10 and Sunday April 11
12pm - 3pm
Teaching at BRAZIL

$15/per workshop
cash only

Workshop Description:

Moving Textures
Level: Open to all

Felt, styrofoam, astroTurf, gauze, polished steel, sandstone, drift wood, marble, jello, salad, wicker, grass, grapefruit, wool, cotton, powder, asphalt, rubber, satin, skin, blood, coral, plastic, honey comb, coca cola, lip gloss… We make our way through infinite textural qualities, densities and tones everyday. They make their way through us. In this workshop we will invite our bodies to the limits textural imaginings. How does the body absorb the textured environment, objects, sounds, images? What are the textures of movement? Is texture relational, (im)material… or transitional? We will explore how textures affect and inform qualitative choices in movement and performance. Using bodily sensations, words, and objects found in or brought to the studio we will attempt to carve out textural arches that generate unexpected states for generating movement and can be layered upon improvised or composed dance phrases and vocabularies.

"I haven’t perceived a texture until I’ve instantaneously hypothesized whether the object I’m perceiving was sedimented, extruded, laminated, granulated, polished, distressed, felted, or fluffed up." ~ Eve Kosofsky Sedgwick


Biba Bell (b. 1976) dances, choreographs, sometimes plays music and writes. She makes work under the moniker URISOV. She is currently working on her dissertation about site specificity in contemporary choreographic practice with the direction of André Lepecki in the department of Performance Studies at NYU. She has collaborated with artists including Joshua Zimmermann, Live Architecture Network (LAN), Jandek, Davide Balula, Leanne Wierzba, and Jmy Leary and Felicia Ballos in MGM Grand.She has performed in the work of Mel Wong, David Hurwith, Stanley Love, Nancy Garcia, Ben Hall, Gelsey Bell, Hope Mohr, Walter Dunderville, Sarah White Ayon, Dillon de Give, Nohemi Montzerrat Contreras, Xavier Cha, Kaya Nati, Enrico Labayen, and Kathleen Hermesdorf, and has participated in residencies at P.A.R.T.S., iLand, March2Marfa, Ritual and Research, and 555 in Detroit. She's curated dance in SF including OtherDANCE Fest (2006) and Collision (2008), and has taught dance workshops at the Movement Research Festival, CLASSCLASSCLASS and ADF. Biba is also a yogini and grew up in Sebastopol, CA.