Benjamin Ford Asriel

Teaching at BRAZIL

sun march 7 :: 12pm - 4pm

$15/cash only

Workshop Description:

Deep meditative anatomical imagery- and movement-exercises feel good and prepare you for greatness
Level: Open to all (geared towards the deep, slow, mindful, safe)

As a dance artist, no matter how long I spend warming up, I always want more time to prepare.
Pondering this, I wonder what would happen if when we warm up we actually took the time we need to do each and every things we possibly can to make our ourselves feel good?
In this workshop, we will take that time and we will find out.

I will teach you exercises that I have developed to make me feel good. You may take them, do them, change them, teach them.
I will also teach exercises that I have learned, taken, done, changed, taught. These exercises also make me feel good. You may also take them, do them, change them, teach them.
We're going to breathe. We're going to relax. We're going to get warm. We're going to feel good.

These exercises are simple. These exercises are good. These exercises are selfish. These exercises are generous. These exercises are tools. These exercises are epiphanies.
These exercises are quotidian. These exercises are fertile. These exercises are dance. These deep meditative anatomical imagery- and movement-exercises prepare you for greatness.


Benjamin Ford Asriel has taught for CLASSCLASSCLASS, Peridance, Queens College CUNY, Conduit in Portland, and the Listdansskoli in Iceland. At the moment, he’s trying to live in both NYC and Portland, OR, which is hard. Locally, Ben has performed with many NYC-based choreographers, including Kyle Abraham, Gerald Casel, Milka Djordjevich, Walter Dundervil, Douglas Dunn, Daria Faïn, Gabriel Forestieri, Edisa Weeks, and Pavel Zustiak. As a choreographer, sound artist, and director/creator/performer, Benjamin has collaborated with John Jahnke/Hotel Savant, Juliana May/MAYDANCE, and Basic Assembly, respectively. His work has been seen or heard in New York at Dance Theater Workshop, The Ohio Theater, the Chocolate Factory Theater, Dixon Place, Movement Research at the Judson church, and CPR – Center for Performance Research. In 2008, Benjamin founded Project Paper Trail, a Fair-Trade Dance organization. Learn more/contact him at Project Paper Trail website: