Aston McCullough


Wednesdays 6PM-8PM
April 25th-June 27th (NO CLASSES May 16 & 18)
Gibney Dance Center

Ecstatic Energy Lab May 25 & June 22 - site specific locations TBD

Wednesdays: Wyrding
Wyrding weaves elements of subtle anatomy into a dance/movement class. Live digeridoo and djembe play as part of our investigation into states of flow. We emphasize dynamic processes and energetic resonance while inside of an athletic, full-bodied vocabulary. Movement, imagination, and creativity spur mindful interactions between corporeal sensation and invisible possibility.

Ecstatic Energy Lab
Ecstatic Energy Lab mixes movement with another artistic modality in social and experimental settings. Each lab will address a topic of interest through movement and another experiential lens such as visual art, music/sound, holistic arts. EELs are open to anyone and take place anywhere (site specific to the topic). Suggestions for topics are welcome.


Aston is a holistic dance artist and educator based in New York City. He is the founder of Wyrd Dance and continues to design, weave, and execute projects with its group of essential engagers and collaborators. He holds an MA, Dance Education from New York University: Steinhardt where he was selected to conduct human subjects research and complete a Master’s Thesis which he titled Holistic Dance Pedagogy: An Introduction to Imaginative and Empathic Facilitation. He has earned a BA, Liberal Arts from Sarah Lawrence College and holds a Diploma in Dance Studies from Laban Dance Conservatoire.