Alex Romania

September 16, 17 & 18; Tues, Wed & Thurs from 12:30pm-2:30pm

Class Description:
We agree to gather in a space, to consider the production of performance, to look at what we know, to let go of it, and make from a place of not knowing. We are interested in what emerges from this embrace. At some point, we agree to do something as a group: practice collective action. In this temporary collective zone, we will produce performance; we will engage in group discussion, we will improvise (our response) in the sense that we may not know what will happen. We will look at what we have done, and learn from what we stumble into/trip over. We will do this as a group until our timeframe is over. ‘Teacher’ will function as space-holder, a facilitator carrying potential offerings upon request (exercises, prompts, questions...). This class is a spacetime to insert yourself, purposefully open ended with you in mind. No performance experience necessary, and certainly no dance experience necessary either -- but that is not to say that physical task may not appear. This class is for anyone interested in performance and the creative process. Disengagement is a potential reaction.

Alex Romania is a multidisciplinary maker and performer currently living in Brooklyn who creates dance, performance, visual art/installation... works have appeared through Panoply Performance Lab, AUNTS, SOLOW fest, and Glasshouse ArtLifeLab where Alex is an artistic fellow. A' is the organizer of a collaboratively written blog titled ‘Invisible Artists’, launching it’s first issue in the Fall of 2014. A' has performed in works by De Facto Dance, Eddie Peake, Simone Forti, Steve Paxton, and currently dances for choreographers Kathy Westwater and Jacob Slominski. A' has previously taught through Art All State at the Worcester Art Museum, CLASSCLASSCLASS, LeAp (Learning through an Expanded Arts Program), the Texas Dance Improvisation Festival, and has received support from residencies at SPACE on Ryder Farm in Brewster NY, Chashama, and Old Furnace Artist Residency in Harrisonburg Virginia. For more information visit