Brooklyn Rail
Embodied Construction: Building a Home for Dance
The creation of Brooklyn Studios for Dance, with the help of CCC.
By Melissa Croushorn

The Culture Trip
A Week at Brooklyn Studios for Dance/Building Community
A day-by-day description of CLASS at BkSD.
By Caitrin Sneed

Time Share: It's not a hole, we made it
Some of the organizers of Time Share relate the background on how and why this collaboration came to be.

The New York Times
New Classes Fill New Needs in Movement
A grass-roots network of innovative and inexpensive dance classes offers relief and opportunity for both teachers and students.
By Claudia La Rocco

Time Out New York
CLASS it up
An artist-run teaching series brings affordability and choice to a new generation.
By Gia Kourlas

Critical Correspondence
a project of movement research/publishing
CLASS - an interview with Anna Sperber
by Juliette Mapp