Tatyana Tenenbaum

Sunday Workshop: May 3rd 3pm-5pm


Embodied Vocal Practice

Through a series of intertwining exercises and methodologies we will work to strengthen our awareness of vocalization as a physical act. We will investigate pitch, timbre and phonemic resonance as felt experiences and work to translate this somatic knowledge into muscular skeletal form. The goal of this work is to find more mobility, ease, dimensionality and kinetic potential for the singing body. I welcome all levels of experience with the voice–this investigation will be rooted in physical practice. I will share what I know, and invite your questions to join mine at the table.

photo by Alex Escalante
Photo by Alex Escalante


Tatyana Tenenbaum is a choreographer and composer whose work explores the porous phenomena of the singing body. She has had the pleasure of developing her practice through CLASSCLASSCLASS over the past few years, as well as serving as a co-organizer of the series on-and-off since 2011. More information on her work can be found at: http://tatyanatenenbaum.com