Evvie Allison

Thursdays 12-2pm at Brooklyn Studios for Dance
Every other Thursday 9/22, 10/6, 10/20
$8 // cash or check

Imaginary expert: Exercises in make-believe forms

In this workshop we will engage with dance-making through the side doors of stealing and fantasy. We will mine YouTube for unfamiliar movement forms—animal, vegetable, and mineral—and re-member them as a tool to generate new choreographic material. We will look at score-as-environment and invite steps to reveal themselves to us as characters do. We will spend time embodying “beginning,” “end,” and “middle.” We might also meditate, take image-based journeys with our eyes closed, use improvisation as warm-up, write, talk, draw, map, and diagram. Bring a notebook and pen. This is an experiment!


Evvie Allison is a dance artist whose work reflects the religiosity and ritual of dancing, often dealing in effort, repetition, and duration. Her work has been presented at Danspace Project, Gibney Dance: Agnes Varis Performing Arts Center, Movement Research at the Judson Church, Center for Performance Research, Brooklyn Arts Exchange, and Bushwick Open Studios, and has been supported by residencies at Chez Bushwick and Tofte Lake Center (MN). She is a 2016 fellow in Choreography from the New York Foundation for the Arts. Evvie also loves working in film and has appeared in music videos for David Bowie (chor. Kira Alker and Elke Luyten), Cookies (chor. Celia Rowlson-Hall), and Callers (chor. Beth Gill), among others, and her concept and choreography for Arthur Moon’s “Wind Up” music video premiered on NOWNESS in 2016. Evvie created the co-mentorship platform FREE ADVICE with friend Alice MacDonald, which looks to transparency and sharing as the basis for connecting and empowering dance artists. She is currently a member of the Dance/NYC Junior Committee.

evvie allison