Corinne Cappelletti

Wednesday Workshop: May 6th 11am-1pm


Building Dance Landscapes

Travel through a journey of developmental movement aimed to awaken our whole-being. We begin by playing with the mechanics of our imagination and embodied anatomy, and fully arrive into the space. Along the way, we take time to notice our perception within each of the different landscapes and mind-states to which we travel; moment-by-moment. Touch-based practices that are designed to sensitize the perception of our skeletal structures, viscera tissues, and fluid systems. These specific awarenesses will be interweaved throughout the journey in order to mine new content and movement possibilities. Situated in the languages of somatics/dance/ritual, this workshop will expand our awareness of the internal landscapes through breath and vibration as a support to discover the dance among and within us. From this, we will build scores for performing solo, duet and group dances. The unseen landscapes of our anatomy, memory, and movement patterns will be considered through a full range of qualitative movement, terrain, texture and experience as we create. Bring a writing utensil, a small object of personal significance (photo, figurine, stone or element of nature, etc.), and paper. No experience necessary!

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Corinne Cappelletti is a dancer, community organizer, yoga instructor, and Registered Somatic Movement Therapist based in Brooklyn, NY. She holds an MFA in Modern Dance from the University of Utah for which she devised a performance-based model for developing a sense of place. This durational, social experiment resulted in choreographic works: The New Pedestrian (2009 & 2010) and Carry your Burdens (AiOP 2011). As an ArtsBridge Scholar, Corinne began her art & social justice work co-facilitating a stress-management program with underserved teenagers through portraiture and somatic awareness tools.

Cappelletti was formerly co­Artistic Director at GogoVertigoat Dance/ Performance. Her choreography has been presented throughout NYC venues such as, Apex Art Gallery, St. Mark’s Church/Danspace, Dance New Amsterdam, 3rd Ward, National Arts Club, Governor’s Island, Dixon Place, Williamsburg Art and Historical Center, and the Triskelion Arts Center’s Aldous Theater. Corinne has performed professionally with experimental choreographers: Jill Sigman/ thinkdance and Drury Somebody. Since 2009, Cappelletti has led the global education nonprofit, Laban/Bartenieff Institute of Movement Studies as their Education Programs Manager. Following the Place[maker]Space Residency (Earthdance 2013), Corinne started a grassroots-partnership within the Metropolitan Community Church of New York Charities, Inc., to provide free yoga classes to homeless youth during the 2014 Engaging Artist Residency. As GROUNDWORK Artists-in-residence with Cora Dance, Corinne and her collaborator, Eva Perrotta, choreographed a processional dance, ro?od?r?l (of a plant) growing on waste land or refuse, and is building this project into a social platform for wild foraging and community engagement in support from the DE-CONSTRUKT [projects] in Red Hook, Brooklyn.